Executive & Leadership Coach

Hi, I'm Christian. I help Leaders to shape human-centric, sustainable, and smart-performing workplaces.

What I can help you with

Empowering Leaders to Excel

Elevate your leadership to new heights with personalized coaching that fosters self-discovery, strategic thinking, and effective execution. Unleash your potential to inspire, motivate, and drive organizational success.

Enhancing Team Dynamics

Transform your teams into smart-performing units that thrive on synergy and collaboration. Identify and leverage individual strengths, foster open communication, and cultivate a culture of collective achievement. Experience a surge in productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Tailored Learning Experiences

Engage in customized workshops and trainings designed to unlock the full potential of your team or organization. Uncover untapped capabilities, foster cross-functional collaboration, and empower individuals to contribute their best. Witness a collective leap in leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall effectiveness.

Coaching Packages

Leadership Development

Have you ever wondered how you increase your impact as a leader? Are you curious and courageous enough to look within to make a difference outside?

Throughout ten weeks, this hands-on leadership development program invites your leaders to discover more about themselves and their impact while also co-creating and interacting with your peers.

Leadership Circle 360 Profile

Are you looking to improve your leadership effectiveness? Based on The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), I support your journey from reactive to creative leadership.

LCP provides a detailed snapshot in time, enabling leaders to answer the question: “How are my behaviors and mindset enabling or constraining my intended leadership impact and our business performance?”

Navigating Team Toxins

I help teams and organizations identify and address the toxic behaviors and communication patterns that can damage relationships and hinder productivity.

During this workshop, teams learn about the various types of toxic behavior that can arise in a team setting, such as defensiveness, blaming, contempt, and stonewalling. They also learn strategies for recognizing and addressing these behaviors and techniques for improving communication and building more robust, productive relationships.

Building Trust and Identity

Trust plays a fundamental and impactful role within teams. It is the cornerstone of effective collaboration, communication, and team performance.

This workshop aims to create a space for teams to develop deeper connections and a shared identity, dream up the best version of themselves, understand their impact, and plan a way forward through leveraging concepts from systems coaching, trust-based management, and positive leadership.

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

For a team to be successful in today's fast-paced corporate environment, it needs to be able to adapt and adjust constantly. However, despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves entangled in habits obstructing our progress. 

This workshop offers a structured process to pinpoint and dismantle these barriers, known as "Limiting Beliefs." You will establish a supportive environment for personal and collective growth by guiding your team through this process.

Liberating Structures

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will revolutionize your organization's ability to collaborate, innovate, and solve complex challenges. 

My in-company Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop will introduce you to a comprehensive set of structures that break down barriers to effective communication and unleash the collective intelligence of your organization.


Team Coaching Playbooks

Over the past 7 years, I've had the privilege of diving deep into the world of team coaching, and I've learned that trust is the secret sauce that fuels teams' success. With the intention to share and give back to the community, I created playbooks for team interventions to empower others to foster growth in their organizations.


"The LCP has severely raised my awareness and understanding of why I behave at work and with my colleagues the way I do. It has fostered my purpose at work now and the professional path ahead of me. At the same time, with Christian’s help in crystallizing my areas of growth, I'm able to make more conscious decisions whenever I am faced with my own triggers. Moreover, I realized that there's no need to be excellent in everything and that it all comes down to being part of an environment that honors my strengths."

Martina, Global Human Resource Business Partner

"… He has a way of sensing the needs of his colleagues that makes them heard and understood, and he brings in his views and ideas in a very respectful and pleasant way. He loves trying new approaches and therefore is skilled in using many different tools…"

Patrick, CEO

"… Christian has also coached me in some challenging times, and it always gave me a breath of fresh air. I can highly recommend him as an Agile Coach, Organizational Developer, and as Personal Coach…"

Bruno, Release Train Engineer

About me

Hi, my name is Christian Hofstetter. I create space for curious leaders and teams to grow. I care about connection, purpose, and sustainability. I focus on providing tools and structures to leaders, teams, and organizations, so they can drive change from the inside and act independently.

I began my engineering career and quickly shifted to my true passion: working with people rather than technology. Since 2017, I've guided teams and organizations on their agile journeys, enhancing my facilitation skills with Liberating Structures. As a Certified Co-Active Coach since 2019, I empower leaders at all levels through purpose discovery, self-reflection, and meaningful action. In 2020, I co-founded TeamBoostDay, a conference on team development, and The Liberators Network Swiss User Group, a community for Scrum and Liberating Structures practitioners.

Since 2021, I have taught agile methodologies at the University of Applied Sciences OST (Switzerland). I've added Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) to my toolbox to become more impactful when working with teams and organizations.

In December 2023, I further expanded my expertise by obtaining the NARM-informed professional certificate (NeuroAffective Relational Model). This qualification deepens my understanding of how past experiences can shape current behaviors and relationships, allowing me to support individuals and teams with even greater sensitivity and effectiveness.

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